Product Type- An air drying cum forced drying product based on Alkyd Resin. Outdoor durability is excellent.
Uses- This product is a premium quality finish designed for spray application. It can also be used as Touchup for Stoving Top Coats. Typical end uses are on tractors and Auto Rickshaws.
Colour Range A wide range of colour is available
Gloss level Gloss range from Semi-glossy (40- 60/60º) to full gloss (80/20º).
Abrasion Resistance Moderate
Flexibility Excellent, passes 6mm diameter rod Mandrel
Impact Resistance Excellent
Hardness Good after 24 hours, air drying or fore drying (130º C for 30 minutes)
Durability Excellent upto 1 year exposure facing 45º South
Package viscosity Min. 60"/B4/30ºC
Theoretical Spreading Rate 15-18m2/litre (at 20 micron DFT)
Weight Solids 30-40%
Shelf Life 9 months from the date of manufacture
Dry Film Build 20 micron/coat
Surface Preparation A properly cleaned, pretreated (conversion coating) and final rinsed metal surface is necessary in order to obtain optimum physical and resistance properties.
Paint Systems A suitable primer (preferably QDS) Primer) must be used for satisfactory adhesion and corrosion resistance.
Correctly cleaned, pretreated and primed metal
Method By spray, conventional or electrostatic
Cure Air drying Surface dry 20 min.
Tack-Free 2 hour
Hard dry Overnight
Force drying 100-110ºC/30 min
Repair Touch up Touch up should be done after 72 hours
Equipment clean up Bluray Thinner
Transportation (Wt/L : 0.96-1.08 kg/litre)
Dangerous good class/Flash point : 3/26ºC
PACK SIZE 20 Litres, 4 Litres