Bluray Coatings offers a comprehensive product range, technical support & service to cater to the specific needs of Auto OEMs & Component suppliers keeping in mind the latest global trends. Wide range of undercoats and top coats are also available to suit the requirements of various segments like luxury coaches, four wheelers, two wheelers etc.

Be it corrosion protection, environmental application concerns or vehicle finish performance improvements we give customized solutions to all. Complete product range from traditional 2K acrylic systems, fillers, clear coats, under coat systems, modern high solid and water base systems to technically superior and demanding IMC for PU moulds.

Following systems are available;


Bluray Coatings Autoshine system is a premium range automotive coatings system which offers superior grade finish imbibing international grades and specifications. A popular choice in the auto refinishes segment with both the applicators and end users.

Autoshine Q.S Clear is a 3:1 general purpose clear for automotives with excellent gloss.

Autoshine Shades is a 3:1 high solid finish where variety of solid shades are offered for buses, coaches etc.

Autoshine PS DP Grey is a 4:1 dark color primer surfacer for automotive applications which is fast drying and easily sandable. It can be applied on machine buffed GI and aluminium without etch primer.

Autoshine Spot Filler is a unique fast drying single component (1K)spot filler for minor dents.

Autoshine Candy Shades especially designed for two wheelers is a 3:1 bright, non-yellowing, non fading, easy to apply finish available in small packs as well.


Classic PU Shades is a 4:1 economical range finish with wide variety of metallic and solid shades.
Classic PU Clear is a 4:1 economical range general purpose clear.
Classic PU Supershine Shades is a 4:1 medium range is a super glossy automotive grade PU with excellent durability for all types of high performance finish applications.
Classic PU Supershine Clear is a 4:1 medium range superior gloss PU clear.


Bluray Coatings EquaAuto system is a complete water based P.U automotive coating system. Extremely low VOC and excellent finish are standard features of this range. From fillers, under coats, top coats to clears EquaAuto is a quite a comprehensive environment friendly range.


Bluray Coatings IMC is a path breaking 2K PU system technology which is relatively soft, this is why it is employed whenever good properties in response to pressure are valued in areas such as Steering Wheels, Door Handles, Center Consoles, Cup Holders, Gear Consoles, Air Con vents etc. It does away with the otherwise laborious offline coating process.