A Single pack high-build coating with exceptional film build and sag resistance, specially formulated for application by airless spray, so that dry films of 150 microns (6 Mils) can be achieved. Chlorinated Rubber Thick coating gives excellent protection against moisture; salt spray and aggressive chemical conditions. It has no recoating limitations and can be used with or without gloss topcoat.
Pigment composition Titanium dioxide, zinc chromate, mineral Extenders
Pigment % 37%
Binder type Plasticised chlorinated rubber
Binder % 25%
Thinner composition Aromatic hydrocarbons
Thinner % 38%
Volume solids % 37%
Specific gravity of paint 1.15
Drying time of Standard thickness at 30ºC 2 hour
at 20ºC 3 hour
At 7ºC 5 hour
Recoating times(minimum) By spray 8 hours, by brush 24 hours
Standard thickness required Wet paint 270-400 microns (11-16 Mils)
Dry Film 150 microns ( 4-6 Mils)
Theoretical coverage on smooth 7.55 - 12.1 m2/1 Surface 2.5-3.74 M2 /litre (13-19.6 sq.yds/Imp.gall Or 1.72-2.58 M2 /kg.
NOTE Chlorinated rubber coating have poor resistance to oil land solvents. Heat resistance is Poor. Do not apply to surfaces which exceed 65ºC. Not suitable for self weathering.
Brush / Roller Not recommended
Excepting small areas Use Chlorinated Rubber Thick Coating (Brushing)
Conventional spray Not recommended
Excepting small areas
Airless spray  
Thinner addition by volume Ready for use
Recommended Thinner Chlorinated Rubber Thinner
PRECAUTIONS Chlorinated Rubber Thickcoating has poor resistance to solvents and oils. Heat resistance is Poor. Do not apply to surfaces which exceed 65ºC.
SURFACE PREPARATION The surface must be free from grease, oil millscale, rust and any form of loose debris or contamination. The choice of primer will depend on the condition of the surface and the chemical environment.
Steel 1  For maximum resistance to direct chemical environment. Blast clean to SA 2½, BS 4232 second quality or SSPC SP 10. 1 coat Epoxy Protective Primer or Zinc Rick Epoxy Primer. 1or 2 coats Chlorinated Rubber Thick Coat 1or 2 coats Chlorinated Rubber Gloss Finish

2 For maximum resistance in areas NOT subject to direct chemical attack blast clean To SA 2½ 1 coat Zinc Galv 6 or Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 1 or 2 coats Chlorinated Rubber Thickcoat. 1 coat Chlorinated Rubber Gloss Finish

3 For general use Blast clean to SA 2 or wire brush or hand clean to ST 3 1 coat Chlorinated Rubber Metal Primer 1 or 2 coats Chlorinated Rubber Thickcoat 1 coat Chlorinated Rubber Gloss Finish\ *Where a specific colour is not required, the gloss finish can be omitted. Galvanised Steel and Aluminium Any galvanisers pretreatment must be removed with solvent and abrasion. Apply 1 coat Etch Primer-followed by C/R Metal Primer and the specified C/R Thickcoat and Finish systems.

Wood and Hardboard- Timber surfaces must be perfectly dry. The percentage of moisture must be under 15, and prefereably under 10%. Surfaces which are high in moisture can cause blistering. The first coat of C/R Thickcoat should be thinned 20% with Chlorinated Rubber Thinner, or Xylol, to aid penetration and improve adhesion.
Cement/Plaster Surfaces Follow the procedure given under Wood and Hardboard. Surfaces which have been aged and soiled should be throughout cleaned and acid etched before the first primer coat.
PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES May be applied over previously painted surfaces provided paint is hard, in good condition, clean and firmly adhering when over coated. prime and bring forward any bare patches as appropriate to the surface type. Conventional alkyd based system should be checked for lifting before over coating.
PACK SIZE The above is given in good faith but without warranty