This product has a wide use in the protection of steelwork under the most severe conditions and where colour and decorative effect are not important. It has excellent resistance to fresh or salt water immersion, to salt spray, and resists attack by splashing or intermittent spillage with a range of chemicals and solvents. Typical uses are the supporting steelwork and deck undersides on offshore production platforms; ballast spaces and storage of non-potable water, bridge supports and lock gates; external and internal of floating roof storage tanks; steelwork in chemical plant subject to hot moist or alkaline atmospheres and spillage. (For acidic conditions chlorinated rubber or vinyl high build systems are recommended.)
(Typical colour-Black Brown will vary)
Pigment composition Internet mineral extenders
Pigment % 25 ± 2
Binder type Coal tar pitch, epoxy resin, polyamide curing agents
Binder % 50 ± 2
Thinner composition Aromatic and hydrocarbons /Glycolether
Thinner% 25.0 ± 2
Volume solids% 57 ± 2
Specific gravity of paint 1.23 ± 0.02
Base: Activator ratio by volume 3 : 1
Pot life at 30º C
4 hours
at 20º C 8 hours
  at 7º C 10 hours
Drying time of Standard thickness at 30º C
12 Hours  
at 20º C
24 hours Not suitable for use at temperatures
at 7º C 36 hours below 7º C
Recoating times at 30º C 6 days 48 Hours
  at 20º C 20 days 72 Hours
  at 7º C 36 days 92 Hours
N.B. - Epoxy curing The curing of Epoxy resin-based coatings is temperature dependant. It is seriously retarded before 5º C (41º F).
Standard thickness Wet Paint 150-200 microns (8.4-11 Mils)
Dry film 85-120 microns (5-8 Mils)
Theoretical coverage on smooth surfaces 5-6.6 m2 /litre (12.0-19.1 sq. yds/imp.gln.
Brush/roller May require additional coats to build up film thickness
Conventional spray Not recommended
Thinner addition by volume Upto 5%
Recommended thinner Epoxy thinner
SURFACE PREPARATION Blast clean to BS 4232:1967 'Second Quality'(Swedish Standard SA 2 ½) or SSPC SP6 minimum. Peak to through profile should not exceed 100 microns (4 Mils). Open blasting using non-siliceous grits may yield profiles in excess of 100 microns (1 Mils) and may need increased paint film thickness. Coal tar Epoxy Two-Pack can be applied direct to the blast-cleaned steel or over a suitable holding primer e.g. Zinc Rich Primer Two-Pack, Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer Two-Pack, Epoxy Protective Primer Two-Pack, depending upon the exposure environment.Where Coal Tar Epoxy Two-Pack is applied direct to blasted steel, prime immediately after blasting. If this is impractical both blasting and priming must be completed within the same working day and before the standard of blasting has deteriorated. Where application is to an existing holding primer, this should be sound, clean and firmly adhereing. (Polyvinyl butyral shop primers should not be used under conditions of continuous immersion or in conjuction with cathodic protection.) All contamination should be removed; preparation must include washing with fresh water to remove soluble salts.
PAINT SYSTEM 2 coats Coal Tar Epoxy Two-Pack, each 125-150 microns (5-6 Mils) dry film thickness over a suitable primer. Or 2 or 3 coats Coal Tar Epoxy Two-Pack, each 125-150 microns (5-6 Mils) dry film thickness direct to blast cleaned steel, the first coat immediately after blasting. (See 'Surface Preparation') Refer to 'Physical characteristics of dry film' for recoating schedule.
Pack size 16.66 litres (Base)
3.34 litres (Activator)