Heat Resistance Aluminium paint is based on organic silicon Resin and leafing Aluminium Paste.
System Single Pack
Viscosity 20-25 Seconds
S.G 0.92 + or - 0.02
Drying SD 10-15 Mts 5.
Stoving Schedule 200 c for 15 Mts
Shade Aluminium Lustre
Application Spraying / Brushing
Thinner Cleaner required Bluray Stoving Thinner(if required)
Heat Resistance Up to 400 c
Packing 20 Lts.
Application Procedure 1. Make surface clean remove all rest by Mechanical or chemical process. Clean with cleaner so on oil or grease remain or surface.

2. Apply heat resistance all paints.

3. Allow it to Air drying.

4. Heat it up to 200 °C for 15-20 Minutes.

USES For Electric oven, Furnace Boilers, Auto Silencers etc.
NOTE All information given in this sheet are accurate to the best of our knowledge, no warranty is given and no liability is accepted in respect of such information as conditions of applications are beyond our control.