Bluray Coatings offers one of the most diversified ranges of Industrial Coatings in 100% P.U and Epoxies for all kinds of surfaces. Our world class coatings are backed with superior technical expertise thus enabling us to offer customized coatings solutions with respect to specific requirements and respective budgets.

Primarily Bluray Coatings products are popularly used in Locomotive Coatings, Heavy Engineering Coatings, Defence Coatings, Transformer Coatings, Infrastructure Coatings, Industrial Floor Coatings, Pipeline Coatings etc. Our products are available in both solvent and water borne medias in the following ranges;


Bluray Coatings Classic PU is a superior exterior grade solvent based 2K system available in all major glossy shades and clears. High Performance, non yellowing, superior hardness, chemical resistance, UV resistance are a few attributes Classic PU Systems patronize.

Classic PU Finish is a medium range 4:1 product, ideally suited for industrial articles requiring superior gloss levels. Classic PU Super Shine is suggestive by its name itself. This unique 4:1 premium range product provides ultra gloss levels to score more on aesthetics and keeps the protective virtue of Classic PU Finish


Classic PU Matt Finish is a medium range 10:1 product used for industrial articles where Matt finish is required.


Bluray Coatings Unikote system is a exterior grade solvent borne PU system designed keeping the economics in perspective. This is a unique economical range 10:1 product and is available both in Matt and Gloss finishes in all major shades.


Another popular choice from Bluray Coatings stable is the Prethane High Gloss Clear. It is a general purpose solvent borne economical grade 4:1 PU clear for both interior as well as exterior use.


PU Primer Surfacer is a high quality premium range 10:1 general purpose primer surfacer for metals, wood, FRP etc. available in Grey and White. Universal PSDP Grey is an economical grade PU primer surface available only in Grey.


It is a soft cut spray filler with exceptional filling properties.


Bluray Coatings offers 100% Epoxy Enamels and Clears available in 4:1 ratio. Conventional shades are available in epoxy enamels and customized shade enquiries are always solicited.


Bluray Coatings offers superior epoxy floor coatings and self-leveling epoxy floor coatings (solvent free) as well. The self leveling epoxy floor coating has good adhesion to steel and non ferrous metals such as stainless steel, lead, nickel, titanium, FRP and etc. Can be applied to multi-bad conditions such as rusted steel with water and oil, factory floor piled up with dust and oil layers, under ground tanks where solvent type cannot be applied and etc. It has water proofing property forming hydrophobic structures between molecular chains with no permeation of the composition of film into water after curing and is nontoxic. Can withstand boiling water and has superior thermal resistance. It is curable at low temperatures as well and can be applied under water also.


Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer is available in 4:1 ratio. Metal Primer is a Epoxy PU based 4:1 primer with anti corrosive fast drying properties fro pre treated metals. Epoxy Red Oxide Primer is a 4:1 economical grade anti corrosive primer for general use. Epoxy H.B Primer is a 4:1 sought after high solid anti corrosive primer for higher film thickness. Epoxy C.F Black is a 4:1 special primer for excellent corrosion resistance and extra hardness.


BLuray Coatings offers Epoxy Putty in both Grey and White in 1:1 Ratio for high build up.


Bluray Etch Primer is a conventional primer available for non ferrous metals PU and Epoxy Accelerators are catalysts available for faster curing in extreme conditions. Metal Dye Solutions are high strength dye solutions for toning.