Heat curing alkyd/amino resin based products which meet stringent specification requirement of refrigerator Industries.
These products are a premium quality finishes designed for spray application. It offers outstanding durability and excellent post-fabrication performance. Typical end uses are refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners etc.
Colour Range A varied colour range is available
Gloss Level Gloss > 55 at 45º
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Flexibility Passes 6 mm diameter and Mandrel
Hardness Excellent, (H-Pencil)
Durability Outstanding, when applied and baked as specified. They should offer a service life in excess of 7 years in residential environments. They have excellent chemical and corrosion resistance property.
Package Viscosity Min. 60"/B4 /30ºC
Theoretical Spreading Rage 15-18 M2/Litre (at 20 micron DFT)
Weight Solids 52-60% (varies from colour to colour)
Volume Solids 30-40% (varies from colour to colour)
Shelf life 6 months from the date of manufacture
Dry Film Build 22-25 micron/coat (varies from colour to colour)
Surface Preparation A property cleaned, pretreated (conversion coating) and finalized metal surface is necessary in order to obtain optimum physical and resistance properties.
Paint System A suitable epoxy primer must be used for satisfactory adhesion and corrosion resistance.
Substrate Correctly cleaned, pretreated and primed metal.
Method By spray conventional or electrostatic
Cure 120ºC 30 minutes (Effective metal temperatures EMT)
Repair Touch-Up Bluray Acrylic/N.C. Finish.
Equipment Clean Up Stoving Thinners (depends on mode of application)
Health and Safety precautions Refer attached "Material Safety Data Sheet"
Transportation (Weight/L) 1.08-1.18 kg/litre (will vary from colour to Colour Dangerous goods class/flashpoint 3/26ºC
Pack size 20 Litres