A two-pack zinc rich organic primer designed to prevent corrosion on blasted steel during Fabrication, or transit to site. Zinc rich Epoxy Primer has good application properties and is Moderately quick drying so that it can be used as a shop primer where very rapid dry to a Handling state is not required, and is also very suitable as a holding primer for progressive blast cleaning of large areas on site. It provides an excellent primed surface for a wide range of sophisticated plant systems, and can be used without special pretreatment. Except in marine or chemically polluted atmospheres where thorough surface cleaning, or even relasting, is advisable to remove zinc salt formation from surface before overcoating.
Pigment composition Zinc Dust(finely divided)
Pigment % 72 ± 2 (zinc on dried film by weight- 89.3%)
Binder type Epoxy/polyamide
Thinner composition Aromatic hydrocarbon/glycol ethers
Thinner% 20 ± 2
Volume solids% 44 ± 1
Specific gravity of paint 2.51 ± 0.02
Base: Activator ratio by volume 7:1
Pot life 24 hours
Drying time of standard Hand able 5 minutes Depending on Thickness
Recoating time Recoatable overnight Conditions
Standard thickness Wet paint: 30-45 microns (1.2 - 1.8 Mils)
Dry film: 13-20 microns (0.5 - 0.8 Mils)
Theoretical coverage on smooth surfaces 22 - 33.8 m2 /litre (115-177 sq/Imp.gln.

Brush Small areas only (making good)
Conventional spray Thinner addition by volume Upto 10%
Recommended thinner Epoxy Thinner
SURFACE PREPARATION Blast clean to BS4232:1967 'Second Quality'(Swedish Standard SA 2 ½) minimum or SSPC SP10. Prime immediately after blasting. If this is impractical blasting and priming must both be completed within the same working day and before the standard of blasting has deteriorated.
PAINT SYSTEM Primer for Heavy Duty Coating paint systems based on Epoxy Chlorinated Rubber of Vinyl Resins. Not to be over coated with Oil-containing products.
WELDING AND FLAME CUTTING At the recommended dry film thickness. Zinc Rich Primer Two-Pack does not normally affect the speed or working of the welding and flame cutting equipment currently used.Automatic twin-fillet submerged-arc welding and some forms of CO gas-shielded welding may be exceptions.
Pack size 17.5 Litre (Base)
2.5 Litre (Activator)