Acrylic Lacquers are based on special Thermoplast Acrylic resins. These gives very hard, glossy film with sufficient flexibility. Acrylic Lacquers have good Adhesion on metals, as well as on plastics and wooden surfaces. These are very good in exterior durability and excellent in colour retention.



System :

Single pack

Viscosity :

40 + or - 5 Sec. At 30 D.C.

Solids :

0.95 + or - 0.0330 + or - 3%

Drying :

S.D. less than 10 minutes
H.D. less than one hr.

Application :

By spraying

Thinner recommended :

Chemilac Acrylic Thinner



% of Thinner required
(per 100 ml of paint)

50 to 100 ml




Available in glossy, semi glossy and matt


Available in clear, metalic and other shades

Notes :


All information given in this sheets are accurate to the best of our knowledge, no warranty is given and no liability is accepted in respect of such information as conditions of applications are beyond our control.