The different products are formulated in our research and development and only after the successful test are sent to our manufacturing unit. We have developed effective research & development unit that aims at to develop efficient and cost-effective coatings. The unit works in close co-operation with production and marketing departments, so that the products developed are in accordance to the market demands. We have our own in-house laboratory backed by a team of researchers who ensure effective research and analysis activities. .

The basic backbone of bluray is to create the specialization and to provide specific services to ensure highest level of quality expectation considering commercial viability.

Our research activities are aimed to: .

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of manufactured products.
  • Design new chemical formulations.
  • Develop new effective products.
  • Find out effective production techniques.

From the beginning, the company has laid emphasis on Research & Development. A full fledged R&D set up is established in Thane focusing on :-

  • To achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • To monitor and improve process capability and identify new products.
  • To monitor and work to improve suppliers satisfaction.
  • To improve employees involvement in creating positive attitude and work environment.

The R&D department is equipped with latest testing equipments & Instruments such as :-

  • Atlas XENON Weatherometer.
  • Q-SUN Weatherometer for Acid Rain Resistance.
  • Q-Fog Cyclic Corrosion Tester.
  • QUV (A & B) Weatherometer.
  • Kruss Tensiometer.
  • Gas Chromatograph (GLC).
  • Auto Titrator.

There are highly qualified & experienced persons in R&D team. The Company has achieved present reputation in spite of not having any foreign collaboration. Everything is conceptualized, crystallized and commercialized by expert team.


  • ACE Zone Ref Bluray’s coatings for ACE market (Agricultural Construction Equipment Manufacturers).
  • OEM market Ref. Bluray’s coatings for OEM market (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
  • WOOD Zone Ref Bluray’s coatings for WOOD.
  • P.U. High performance Acrylic/Polyester coating considering product economy.
  • Also P.U. one pack blocked isocynites coating.
  • NISO system.
  • MIRROR BACK Coating.
  • OEM Coating for plastics.
  • Heat resistance coating, resistant up to 7000c as per international standards.
  • High performance Epoxy Base Coat Primer and Finish Coat.
  • High performance stoving system like TSA Coatings, Modified Polyester and Alkyd Amino systems etc.
  • Quick Drying Acrylic system with highest corrosion, UV resistance.
  • Chlorinated Rubber Coating System Vinyls Coating System.
  • Through our R&D strength we expect from our customers to dream for coating in for zones: Powder coating, Wood coating, Auto refurnishing coating & Industrial coating. We welcome you at Our R&D expertise and look forward to fulfill your end customer expectation & their commercial viability.