Zinc Chromate Primer is an Stoving Primer. It is suitable as primer coat for Ferrous and Non- ferrous metal. It gives very good adhesion and anti corrosive properties. It is suitable base coat for air drying and stoving finishes where extra corrosion protection is required. It provides excellent intercoat adhesion to the top coat.
Finish Smooth & Matt
Colour Grey Green/ Yellow
Viscosity 75 - 90 sec
Wt./ Ltr. 1.25 + or - 0.05 kg
Method of Application Spraying/ Brushing
Stoving Schedule 120 C for ½ hr.
Spraying Viscosity 18 -22 sec
Thinner Recommended Bluray Stoving Thinner
Flexibility & Adhesion Passed the test
Resistance to salt spray Passed
Shelf life one year
Remove all rest and greases from the surface by mechanical or chemical processes, make it dry, apply a coat of Bluray Zinc chromate primer, provide 10 minutes flash off period. Store it at 120°C for 30 mins.
Notes :
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