Empowered with latest technology, we offer a wide range Architectural Coatings that are used in both conventional as well as special applications. In the present times, dispersing additives enable more flexibility in architectural coatings formulation and form better exterior protection coating. These eco-friendly coatings can be availed in different finishes like crystal finishes, trow large, antique heavy duty textures, acrylic finish etc. These eco-friendly coatings have excellent water repellent and thermal properties and have greater color strength and therefore offer excellent value-in-use. These coatings are highly effective and widely used in Heritage, Hospitality and similar sectors.

Archaeological repair & rehabilitation

Sound and noise damping waterproof compound and underlay, overlay

Vibration-Damping Underlay and Flooring for Marine, industrial, utility applications

Specialty Product Solutions for Construction/Rehabilitation of heritage Structures

Non-degradable sculptors creative product

Stone impregnation product