Bluray Coatings offers 100% PU Wood Coating Systems of Natural Finish with Natural Fillers, PU Sealers, Stainers, PU Topcoats (Glossy & Matt) of International Quality standards, which are LEAD FREE and FOOD Grade suitably designed for exterior and interior applications. Bluray’s Water Based Wood Coatings provide desired aesthetics and durable protective finish to your Furniture, Doors, Windows, Parquet Floors, Music Instruments, Sports Goods, Antiques etc. that lasts over the years with;

Excellent Adhesion,
Non Yellowing,
Scratch Resistance,
UV Resistance (Classic Wood and EquaWood Exterior),
Excellent Color Retention
Heat Resistance
Domestic Spills Resistance
Humidity and Moisture Resistance

Bluray Coatings UV Wood Coatings are popular with Architects and Applicators across India and are offered in both Solvent Based and Water Borne finishes comprising of the following range


Bluray Coatings New Silk Wood System is illustrative from its name itself. A 3:1 economical grade easy to maintain Interior P.U available both in Glossy and Matt Finishes makes you believe of Silk. Ideally suited for Interior Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobes etc.

New Silk Wood Sealer seals and fills wood also retains natural grains of wood.
New Silk Wood Glossy gives a High Gloss finish to the wood retaining its natural shade.
New Silk Wood Matt gives a pure Matt finish to the wood. Satin Finish can also be derived from the same.

Bluray Coatings Classic Wood System is a premium range 4:1 Exterior grade P.U finish. It offers unmatched scratch hardness, superior color retention and is U.V resistant. Ideally suited for Exterior Furniture, Windows, Doors, Decks and Exterior Paneling etc. which are constantly exposed to changing and demanding weather conditions. Classic Wood Systems enjoy the patronage of leading Architects and Interior Designers and are often used for prestigious projects like Resorts, Restaurants, Malls etc.

Classic Wood H.S Sealer is a non yellowing high solid exterior grade P.U Sealer with superior wood filling and sealing properties.
Classic Wood Glossy is a 3:1 finish gives superior High Gloss to exterior wood protecting it from environmental pollutants, U.V, Moisture thus giving it years of gloss retention.
Classic Wood Matt gives superior pure Matt finish to the exterior wood combined with all the characteristics of the Classic Wood range. Satin Finish can also be derived.

Bluray Coatings Star Wood System is a 1:1 premium range Interior grade P.U of international specifications and trends. Star Wood is characterized by its fast setting, ultimate scratch hardness and non yellowing properties. Be it your beloved Antiques of inheritance or your proudly possessed Piano or you are a export grade furniture manufacturer, Star Wood is the product for you.

Star Wood Sealer has excellent sealing & filling properties for interior wood .
Star Wood Glossy is high gloss interior grade fast setting PU finish with excellent harness.
Star Wood Matt is superior quality interior matt fast setting PU with excellent hardness.

Bluray Coatings EquaWood System is the latest state of the art technological offering in Wood Coatings keeping the environmental consciousness in mind and yet conserving the advantages of Bluray Coatings superior Wood Coatings. EquaWood is water based PU coating system offered in Single component Interior Finish and 2k Exterior Finish. EquaWood is advantageous with almost zero VOCs and No Odor at all. Traditionally EquaWood offers the entire system of Water Base Fillers, Sealers ,Top Coats and Stainers.


A unique product with good properties without hiding natural grains has become the choice of leading contractors. This is a single component product which is quick drying and easily sandable filler. Apart from our PU it is compatible with other finishes like NC & Melamine.


Bluray Coatings offers a comprehensive and wide range of shades of PU Stainers for both water borne and solvent borne systems. They can be intermixed for the desired shade and can be applied by wiping, brushing or even spraying. Also compatible with other conventional systems.

NOTE: Solid Colors in Opaque Finish are also available in all the systems.