Bluray plast coats are formulated with superior grades of Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins. In combination of suitable plasticiser and additives, to have excellent adhesion on various substrate as Acrylics, PS,HIPS , ABS etc. These give very hard and tough film with excellent mar resistance.



System :

Single pack

Viscosity :

45-55 sec on FCBY

S.G :

0.95 + or - 0.03

Method of Application :

By Spraying

Thinner recommended :

Bluray Acrylic Thinner

Thinner required

150-200 % by Volume

Drying :

S.D -5-10 Mts
H.D Less than one hour

Gloss :

Matt , Eggshell, Semi-glossy

Shade :

Available in Metallic and Solid colours.




The surface which is to be painted should be free from dust grease, mold release agents. It should not have electrostatic charge on the surface. Clean the surface with proper cleaner very fine sand paper may be used to prepare surface uniform. Apply one coat of Bluray plast coat. Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. A second coat is to be applied to get more uniform surface.




For molded plastics where more tough durable and decorated film is required Such as cabinet's of (T.V, Transistor, Radio, Stereo ,Computers) Calculators, Telephones Toys etc.


4 ltr, 20 ltr

Notes :


Don't inhale the vapours of P.U.


All information gives in this sheet are accurate to the best of our knowledge, no warranty given and no liability is accepted in respect of such information as conditions of applications are beyond our control.