Epoxy stoving coating are single pack system having excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. These have advantage over two pack epoxy system.
1. No risk of pot life
2. Need not to wait for days to get optimum properties
Viscosity 80+ or - 5 sec
S.G 1.35 + or - 0.05
Finish 5 on H.G
Colour Red/ Grey
Corrosive Resistance (200 hrs. 35 micron DFT) Passed
Flexibility Adhesive Very Good
Salt Spray 200 hrs. (35 m) Passed
Thinner Recommended Bluray Stoving Thinner
Flexibility & Adhesion Passed the test
Resistance to salt spray Passed
Shelf life one year
1. Surface should be cleaned, de-rust and degreased before applying
2. Apply Epoxy stoving primer, give 10 minutes flash off period.
3. Stove it 30 minutes at 180 C.
Notes :
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