This product has exceptional film build land sag resistant properties, and is specially designed for use by airless spray to give economic application in very thick film i.e. upto 250-300 microns (10-12 Mils) per coat. Its main use is as the intermediate coat in an Epoxy High build protective system, where maximum chemical and abrasion resistance properties are required. It has good chemical, water and solvent resistance and can be used as a low-gloss, high-build finish coat for external and internal use.
(Typical colour-Black Brown will vary)
Pigment composition Titanium dioxide, mineral extenders
Pigment % 50%
Binder type Epoxy resin/amine adduct
Binder % 22%
Thinner composition Aromatic hydrocarbons/ketones
Thinner% 27%
Volume solids% 53%
Specific gravity of mixed paint 1.46
Base: Activator ratio by volume 11.5:1
Pot life at 20º C
6 hours
at 10º C 22 hours
Drying time of Standard thickness at 30º C
10 Hours  
at 20º C
18 hours
at 10º C 23 hours
Curing time before use at 30º C 3 days  
  at 20º C 4 days  
  at 10º C 7 days  
N.B. - Epoxy curing The curing of Epoxy resin-based coating is temperature dependent. It is seriously retarded below 5ºC (41ºF).
Recoating times   Minimum Maximum
at 30º C 6 hours 2 days
at 20º C 20 hours 3 days
at 10º C 21 hours 5 days
Standard thickness Wet Paint 240-280 microns (9.6-11.2 Mils)
Dry film 125-150 microns (5-6 mils)
Theoretical coverage on smooth surfaces 3.53-1.21 M2/Litre (19.0-23 sq.yds./imp.gln.2.90 M2/kg.
Brush/roller Not recommended
Conventional spray Not recommended
Airless spray  
Thinner addition by volume Upto 5%
Recommended thinner Epoxy thinner
SURFACE PREPARATION Epoxy Bildcote is normally applied over Zinc Rich Primer Two-Pack, Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer Two-Pack, Epoxy Protective Primer Two-Pack. The protective primer must be clean, sound and firmly adhering. (Polyvinyl butyral shop primers should not be used under conditions of continuous immersion or in conjunction with cathodic protection). The removal of contamination must include washing with fresh water to remove soluble salts.
PAINT SYSTEM One or two coats Epoxy Bildcote to a minimum thickness of 200 Microns (8 Mils) followed by Epoxy Finish if required. When used as a self-finish the minimum dry film thickness must be 250 Microns (10 Mils).
Pack size Base - 20 litres
Activator - 4 litres