Specially formulated for airless spray application to shot or grit-blasted steel, Epoxy Protective Primer is an economic method of protecting the blast cleaned surface for limited periods prior to the application of the full protective coating system. It may be over coated with most types of protective coatings including those based on chlorinated rubber, vinyl or epoxy resins, but should not be used beneath inorganic silicate coatings. Prior to shop fabrication, or when used as a transit primer, its rapid drying allows handling within a few hours of application and it is valuable in site blasting of large areas e.g. storage tanks, where it used to protect areas of blasting within the specified re-coating period, and then allows work to proceed in adjacent areas without the danger of damage, which would occur with slower drying Primers. It is less suitable for automatic blasting plants, unless very efficient heating is available. In projects where steelwork is likely to be left exposed for long periods without final coating, the use of Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer is recommended.
Pigment composition Red oxide, mineral extenders
Pigment % 42 ± 2
Binder type Epoxy resin/polyamide
Binder % 20 ± 2
Thinner composition Aromatic hydrocarbon/glycol ethers
Thinner% 38 ± 2
Volume solids% 37 ± 2
Specific gravity of paint 1.35 ± 0.03
Base: Activator ratio by volume 5 : 1
Pot life at 30º C maximum
8 hours
at 20º C
24 hours
at 7º C 48 hours
Drying time of standard at 30º C
1 hour  
at 20º C
2 hours  
at 7º C 3 hours  
N.B. - Epoxy curing The curing of Epoxy resin-based coatings is temperature dependent. It is seriously retarded below 5ºC (41º F)
Recoating time   Minimum Maximum
at 30º C 3 hours  
at 20º C 4 hours 1 month
at 7º C 6 hours  
Standard thickness Wet paint: 47-65 microns (2 - 2 ½ Mils)
Dry film: 18-25 microns (3/4 - 1 Mil)
Theoretical coverage on smooth surfaces 15.6-22.05 m² /Litre (87-120 sq. yds/imp,gln. Or (11.61-16.12 m² /kg) *If not recoated within 1 month, under severe conditions, blasting and repriming of localized areas of breakdown may be necessary.

Brush/roller Not recommended
Conventional spray  
Thinner addition by volume 5-10%
Recommended thinner Epoxy Thinner
SURFACE PREPARATION Blast clean to BS 4232:1967 'Second Quality' (Swedish Standard SA 2 ½) or SSPC SP9 minimum, Prime immediately after blasting. If this is impracticable blasting and priming must both be completed within the same working day and before the standard of blasting has deteriorated.
PAINT SYSTEM As specified.
Pack size Base - 16.66 Ltrs.
Activator - 3.34 Ltrs.