Bluray is one of the most respected Indian Paint Company in Auto-Refinish segment.Our products are well established and having a strong presence in every parts of the country. Our brands Autocoat PU, Classic PU , Superset, Cellocoat are the preferred automotive refinish coatings in their respective categories. They are available in a wide range of colours and in varying pack sizes to suit your style and budget.

Autocoat PU : The international category of economical PU paint products is a complete system in itself. Moreover, there have been several products specifically designed and modified, keeping in mind the changing market trends. Here's what the Autocoat range has an offer for you.

Autocoat PU Topcoats : It has more than 300 shades to offer in solid and metallic colours and this number is increasing by dozens every month. If you want a particular shade, we can make it available for you in 3 days' time. The quality of finish, gloss level retention, excellent coverage and the shade fidelity have resulted in Autocoat Topcoats getting huge acceptance in the refinish industry. Autocoat Undercoats - The complete Autocoat System has the following to offer you in terms of product range.

Autocoat Primers - Range offers a host of primers to take care of the various requirements of each and every customer.

Autocoat PUHB Primer Surfacer - It is a fast-drying two-pack High Build Primer surfacer specially formulated for new work, spot repairs and complete re-spray. It is easy to apply, sand and offers corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion to variety of substrates.

Bluray Etch Primer - An economical primer providing excellent anti-corrosion protection, it has been specially pigmented to provide better filling. It has a long pot life, hence reducing wastage.

Supernamel Epoxy Primer - A high performance undercoat for variety of substrates providing excellent adhesion to topcoat. It is designed to provide smooth laydown for minimal sanding, while still giving excellent dry film thickness. It can also be used on old finishes to prevent lifting


Autocoat Putty / Light Weight Putty - Bluray offers range of polyester putties to take care of different kinds of requirements. Due to it’s ease of application, sanding and smooth finish Bluray’s putty are one of the best selling products.

Autocoat PU Clear / Autocoat PU High Gloss Clear - Metallics have earned the acceptance that they have, partly, because of the high gloss level and its retention under both Autocoat PU Clear as well as Autocoat HG Clear. They provide a hard glossy film that can be easily polished to remove dirt.


Old is Gold - This popular adage best describes Bluray oldest brand in the automotive paints category. Since its launch, Superset (an Alkyd based product) won the hearts of all its patrons and continues to remain the market leader.

With a network of over 500 direct dealers spread across the country, its consumers vouch for its quality. This brand offers variety of hues i.e.145 shades in metallics and 85 in solids.

With technological advancement, Superset is now available on the mixing rack. The dealers are therefore able to generate over 80 different shades by combining base and tinters.

The distinctive attributes of superset are:-
Unmatched coverage
Quick drying
High gloss level
Good Distinctiveness of Image(DOI) feature giving mirror like finish
The product range is as follows:-
Superset Synthetic Putty
Superset Synthetic Automotive Paint - Solids
Superset Synthetic Automotive Paint - Metallics
Superset High Gloss Clear
Superset Sparkle Finish
Superset Thinner
For detailed product specification, kindly visit the section on Datasheets.